Secret Family Recipes

There is no doubt that daughters are a blessing - And I am truly lucky to have 2 lovely daughters and a doting daughter in law. Always delighted to share notes from my kitchen with them and hear their new recipe trials. That special tip that makes the perfect Unnakayi(Banana pods) or the Arikadukka(stuffed Mussels) so delicious - these are small gems that are usually passed down generations.Sharing these tips for the first time in my upcoming book -
A Kitchen Full Of Stories. To be revealed soon!! In this video, with my daughters Leila Kamaluddin and Sitara Jalaludheen and my granddaughter Nazaneen Jalaludheen#Ummisnewbook#AKitchenFullOfStories#MappilaKitchenTreasures#Crowdfunded#ABookOfSecretsStoriesAndRecipes#SelfPublished